Wall Trim Details

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There are an infinite number of wall trim detail designs utilizing many different types and profiles of finish trim.

Decorative wall trim, wainscoting, chair rail and niches are just a few examples. All can be used to separate spaces or highlight certain areas of your home.


Decorative Wall Trim:

This can utilize many different profiles and styles of trim which can then be used singularly or in combination with others to achieve your desired look and function. Decorative wall trim is usually designed in a “picture frame” style for an accent or to highlight a particular item on a wall.



Wainscoting is a wooden or synthetic paneling that covers the lower part of a wall in a room. There are many different styles to choose from. Here are some examples of wainscoting:



Chair Rail:

Chair railing is a decorative trim usually installed between 32-36′ above the floor which protects against scuffs from chairs and other pieces of furniture.


Window/Door Trim:

This is trim that is applied around the parameter of doors and windows to dress up and finish the look.

  • Window/Door Casing – A specific type of trim that is used to cover the space between door jams and drywall which can be a single piece or combined with other pieces (such as back banding).
  • Wood and Door Extension Jams – These are used to extend the jam of a door or window that is inset into the door or window opening to make it flush with the wall so that other trim can be applied to finish off the look of the unit.
  • Wood Windowsills – This trim can be as simple as a square piece of wood or made to be more decorative. It sits along the bottom of the window and can extend past the opening both in depth and/or width to receive other trim (window casing and window aprons).
  • Window Aprons – A piece of trim that is usually the same style as casing but is applied under the wood sill to make a finished look between the sill and the drywall.
  • Window/Door Pediments – This can be a single piece of trim, but is usually made up of many different pieces. Pediments are used to accentuate the look and size as a door or window (also known as federals).