Barn Doors

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It used to be that when someone would mention “Barn Door”, the image that was most likely conjured in our minds eye was that of an old, beat up, smelly door not fit to grace the inside of a home. Nowadays, thanks to an unknown visionary designer, that has all changed. Barn Doors have been reborn and are now recognized for their new standard of style and elegance. They are being tasked for many different uses; a door for a room to doors for Entertainment Centers. There has been an explosion not only for their demand, but also in the number of new and stylish designs. The exclusive use of wood for these Doors is no longer. Now, any material is on the table; metal, glass, tile, stone. Whatever the mind can imagine. And if wood, why not re-purpose an Antique door, or use reclaimed wood, or even water aged wood for that one of a kind look. The once lowly Barn Door, not thought of, is now become the focal point of great beauty.



Traditional Rustic American