Finish Carpentry

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Finish carpentry utilizes any and all styles and profiles of trim work to give your home its finished look.

Trim can either be wood or manmade materials. It is what expresses your individual taste and is what everyone first sees when entering you home. Finish carpentry is our speciality. We know and specialize in how to make you home beautiful. Whether your home is newly constructed, or you are just wanting a new look for your home, we have the experience, design knowledge and skills to accomplish your vision and express your taste.

The “Finish” trades (finish carpentry, painting, flooring, etc.)¬†create what everyone sees. When your guests walk into your home, it is what makes the first impression – the “wow” factor. Let us help you make people speechless.

“Trim is the difference between having a box to live in or a beautiful home…just having a door or making an entrance…looking at a wall or looking at art.” -Troy French

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