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Mar 2015

Elevated Deck

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Our years of experience and knowledge give us the ability to accomplish much more than just Finish Carpentry.

Level 4 added this elevated Deck to a Clients home in South Venice. When browsing through the pictures, notice the bottom side of the Deck covered in T&G. Also notice how the perimeter support beams are wrapped and incorporated into the look to accomplish the goal of making the addition look like it was always there.

Wrapped Beams

Applying T&G to the underside of the Deck and wrapping the support Beams for this Owner accomplished several goals.

  1. It “Bulked up” the perimeter support Beams to give the Beams a more Massive look.
  2. Helped to tie the overall look of the Addition into the existing Home.
  3. Accomplished a beautiful finish.

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