Thank you for your interest in working with us here at Level 4. We are very interested in finding highly motivated and quality people to work with us. If you are a “self-starter”, not afraid of hard work, take pride in a job well done, looking to learn and trade, make good money, and be a part of a successful company that has been in the area since 1984, you have found the right place.

Employment Application

    Are you a U.S. Citizen?

    If No, do you have a Green Card?


    We want to stand in the highest level of honor and accountability as a company, therefore, because we work in people’s private homes, not just new construction, we hold to a higher level of accountability since there are times when it will be necessary to work by yourself with homeowners.

    Answering “yes” to these questions does not constitute an automatic rejection for employment. Date of offenses, seriousness and nature of violation, rehabilitation and position applied for will be considered. Level 4 LLC will do a background check and reserves the right to require random drug test.

    All information given will be held in strictest of confidence, given only on a “need to know” basis to those in a supervisory position.

    1. Has your driver’s license ever been suspended or revoked?

    2. Do you currently have a valid driver’s license?

    3. Have you ever been criminally charged with, investigated for, or civilly sued for any of the following offenses: Rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, sexual battery, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, sexual misconduct, public indecency, or any other similar criminal offense?

    If yes, please provide the following information:

    4. Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of any criminal offenses?

    If yes, please provide the following information:

    5. Have you ever been involved in any of the following practices during the last 12 months?

    Drinking and driving

    Using illegal drugs


    Abusing prescription drugs

    6. Do you have or have you had any emotional or mental disorders?

    Previous Employment: (Begin with most recent)

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    Company #3

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    Personal References

    Please list 3 persons who have known you for at least one year, not including relatives.

    Reference #1

    Reference #2

    Reference #3


    Carefully read the following statement before signing!

    I authorize any references in this application to provide Level 4 LLC with information they may have regarding my character and fitness for an employment position. I understand the information I have provided may be verified by contacting the persons or organizations named in this application. I hereby release any such person or organization that provides information from liability or damage that may result from giving information about me to Level 4 LLC.

    This form collects your personal data so that we can process your employment application. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

    In signing this application, I affirm that the information I have given is true and correct.

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